Anna J's & Lisa K's & Designer Label LKB Designs

Anna J’s & Lisa K’s boutique features fashions for the sophisticated “curvaceous” woman of all walks of life.  Women will find fashions that accentuate her curves and minimize her limitations.   We look to embrace the woman that is re-inventing themselves.  She is that woman that has made the decision that it’s all about her now.  She may be that college grad getting ready for the corporate world, or the mother who has raised her kids, cared for the family, and now she can focus on her passions, or maybe she is that women that have fought pass the insecurities, low self-esteem and stepped out on faith to live out her dreams.  We provide pieces with classic lines, with a sophisticated feel.   We will continue to strive to excellence in providing classic, sophisticated, and modern fashion for the women throughout the world.


LKB Designs are the designer’s statement pieces that are made with kiss of edginess and infused with street style.  These pieces are for that woman who embraces color, texture and designs that will make her feel empowered, and ready to take on the world.   LKB Designs will provide those key pieces to your closet that enable you to express your individuality, personality with confidence and fierceness.