A Leader Working With Our At-Risk Youth In The Community.

Let me introduce you to Ms. Michelle Stackfield.  She is a great friend and works hard in the community that she loves.  She is also rocking a custom piece from the LKB Design line under Anna J's & Lisa K's LLC.  Your love and support means the world to me.  Thank you.

Michelle Stackfield is currently settling into the Atlanta area. She relocated to the area in 2016 to be near her grandchildren after retiring in Pennsylvania as a Nationally Certified Homicide Specialist/Manager of Direct Services with the Victim/Witness Assistance Program. Although Michelle tried to stay away from the workforce, she immediately found herself being drawn to be of service to at-risk youths in the Atlanta area as well as the victims and survivors of domestic violence.  Today, she spends her time as a residential advisor to homeless teenage mothers and their babies residing in Families First’s Second Chance Homes.  She also volunteers with the domestic violence shelters providing make-overs and mini spa treatments to the women who are escaping their abusive relationships.


“I’ve always loved fashion! As a teenager standing at 6’ 0” tall, the ‘TALL’ sections were non-existent.  Thankfully, my mother was a seamstress and was able to dress my size 10 frame.  She also encouraged me to model further developing my love for the fashion world. As I matured into my forties I then became a tall, full-figured woman! Still the designers were scarce.  It wasn’t until I “stumbled” upon the full-figured fashion shows led by ‘Women of Color” in 2009 did I learn about Lisa K. Banks. I loved her designs and her spirit that radiated through them. I reached out to her, informing her that my son lived in the Atlanta area and I would love to purchase a couple of her pieces when in town.  We eventually met in 2012 during one of my visits and the rest is as they say, HISTORY!” She was so genuine and very humble to the point that she even introduced me to other designers in the area and donated an entire season to a domestic violence shelter I’d adopted for the holidays!!  Talk about selflessness!

“Thank you, Lisa for all that you do for the “Big Girls”.  I truly am honored to be a small part in God’s journey for you and I wish you nothing but love and success!”




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