Community Leaders/Shakers Vanessa Mills Logan

Let me introduce you to Ms. Vanessa Mills Logan.  She is a great friend and works hard in the community that she loves.  She is also rocking a custom piece from the LKB Design line under Anna J's & Lisa K's LLC.   Your love and support means the world to me. Thank you.

 With more than 25 years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors as a sales, coaching, training, and career development professional, it's only appropriate to state that Vanessa owns a practical, down to earth style with a clear focus on results. Vanessa has gained insight into what causes people and businesses to become marketable as well as losses of potential business opportunities. If you ask her what accomplishment she is most proud she would tell you that her advocacy in the community is close to her heart.

Off the shoulder dress

As a proven leader and entrepreneur with a heart for people, Vanessa has a natural talent for motivation, passion for career development, and results-driven attitude. Her corporate background spans over 25 years in the Tri-State area and includes Bellsouth, AT&T Advertising and Publishing, YP Holdings Inc., Education Corporation of America, The Butterfly Foundation, Spartanburg County Foundation, and Middle Tyger Community Center. Additionally, Mrs. Logan has a voice in the Spartanburg Community as Founder of “N.E.S.S.A In Your Neighborhood” which culminates around community support and resource strategy. Her belief is that an inclusive mindset is one not afraid to Navigate, Explore, Serve, Sustain, and Advocate for it’s people.

LKB Designs Donation to community program

"This is what it looks like when a clothes designer based out of the Atlanta area reaches out to partner with you and your efforts! #PRIORITYpackages #COMMUNITYminded #GLOBALimpact #CONNECTINGcommunities #NESSA"

Vanessa has a knack for identifying and supporting initiatives and resources that support social, economic, and financial stability for young parents and inner-city youth. By way of professional and/or volunteer efforts she has partnered with other organizations such as Spartanburg Focus on Leadership, Spartanburg District 6 Diversity & Inclusion, Wofford College, City of Spartanburg-NDG initiatives, Soteria, Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Hosea Feed the Hungry of Atlanta. She is a proud Spartanburg native and is married to Mr. Bernard Logan. They are devout Christians serving in many capacities in their church and are committed to living and leading by example.


I am in awe of the outpouring of love from new designer, Anna J’s and Lisa K’s LLC. The quality of the clothing and their heart to serve the community was unsurpassed during my interaction with the company. I quickly learned that Lisa was a follower of my social media page and called me direct to inquire about supporting efforts in our community. I advised her that a team of budding hairstylist were hosting a hair and fashion show. However, this team did not have the appropriate garments for such an event. Without hesitation, Lisa requested our mailing address so that she and her team could provide high-level fashions for each of the stylist, their models, as well as event host. It goes without saying that the budding hair stylist felt good and looked great…especially when they were advised that the designer insisted that they keep the garments as a gift for their hard work! Anna J’s and Lisa K’s LLC are certainly trailblazers in their own right. 

 – Vanessa Logan, CEO, N.E.S.S.A in Your Neighborhood





  • I love this dress

    Mary Mahoney
  • Lisa, I am humbled to be a part of your greatness and watch with excitement your next move. Your heart for what you do says it all!!! Thanks for all you do! NESSA

    Vanessa Logan

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